Thursday, January 5, 2017


What are the first things that add together to mind when you think to the highest degree the future of America? From the most(prenominal) educated scholars to high trail pull downouts, the majority of us call for the assumption that our futures will hurl robots, flying cars, and breathtaking architecture. When contemplating the appearance things are progressing in the twenty-first century, how much of these technological advancements fecal matter we really count on?\nThe movie Idiocracy, critiques aspects of our cabaret much(prenominal) as more thinking(a) people waiting to have children, the deterioration of the English language, engineering making it unnecessary to learn certain skills, and our choices in entertainment, by exaggerating what American hostelry would be like in viosterol years if we follow the aforesaid(prenominal) trends.\nIdiocracy, directed by microphone Judge, is an exaggeration of how American society would be in 2505. It is around an army employ ee named Joe Bauers, who was involved in a military hold in which he was fixed in a secern of suspended animation and forget to the highest degree for 500 years. When he finally awakens he is in a dumbed down, dystopian society where he ends up world the smartest individual. In this new society, everyone depends on him to fix all of the municipal conundrums they are facing.\nEven though the movie came out in 2006, many of the problems expressed about the future are presenttime to happen right now. As explained in the movie, it all begins when unfit households had an increase in childbirths season educated, capable households were waiting to be financially stable or ready for kids. Eventually, this causes those who were known as intellectuals to become extinct. Though this is a dramatic and over overdraw concept, this is somewhat a problem that is happening in todays society.\n peerless example of this concept in todays culture is a show like 16 and Pregnant, whe re juvenile girls get pregnant and drop out of high school. some other example of this is The Jerry Springer ... If you essential to get a replete essay, order it on our website:

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